Land Rover Restoration Portfolio

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Land Rover Restoration Portfolio
Medium Restaurations Handbuch
Band Keine Angaben
Auflage Keine Angaben
Jahr 1999
Autor(en) Richard Green & R M Clarke
Verlag Brooklands Books
ISBN ISBN 978-1-8552-0527-7
Thema/Inhalt Land Rover Fahrzeuge/ Restauration
Seiten 138
Preis Keine Angaben

LR Restauration Portfolio.jpg

Reparatur Handbuch in englisch mit vielen Schwarz-weiß Fotos .

Part One: Series III Refurbishing Project

  1. Refurbishing a Series III
  2. Buyer Beware
  3. Prepare to start
  4. Cut Out the Rot
  5. Spring into Action
  6. The Clean- up Begins
  7. Painting your Wagon
  8. Essential Maintenance
  9. A Thorough Service
  10. The Backbone
  11. Finishing Touches
  12. On the Road
  13. KYJ Comes Back to Life

Part Two: Land Rover Restoration

  1. V8 Emmisions
  2. Dropping in a V8
  3. Re- Bushing a Ninety
  4. A Man's Guide to the Land Rover Gearbox
  5. What Land Rover ? Defender Buyers' Guide
  6. Fit to Tow
  7. Turn up the Heat
  8. Pulling them in- Whinch
  9. Swivel Swap- Ball Replecement
  10. Show Stopper- Defender 110
  11. Retrofit for a King- 300 Tdi Engine Swap
  12. Boxing Clever- Transfer Boxes Explained
  13. Off with its Head !- Cylinder Head Conversion Part I
  14. What'll it do ?- Cylinder Head Conversion Part II
  15. Finishing Touches- Turbo Diesel 90
  16. Half Shaft Replacement- Series III
  17. Salisbury Pain- Axel Overhaul
  18. Brakedown- Brakes
  19. Stop Trouble Looming- Series II Electrics
  20. Universally Sound- Propshaft Overhaul
  21. Bounce Back- Leaf Spring Series III
  22. Pinion Oil Seal Replacement- Series III
  23. Four Wheel Fix- 4x4 Selector- Series III
  24. Stay on Track- Series III
  25. Disc Drive- Series II/ IIA